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Our Briard story starts in the summer of 1998... 

We had decided to take a second dog - we already had a little poodle - but had no idea as to which breed. During our annual camping trip to France we met a Briard. It was love at first sight! When we got home we started to collect as much information as possible about this fantastic breed and we contacted a breeder. One year later we could finally pick up our long-awaited Briard puppy, a tawny baby girl, Ycara du Mas de Chantranne, with whom it all began: dog shows, selections, ...

Pretty soon, because of the beauty and character of this breed, we were ready to add a second briard to our family. The three of us agreed that this time we would extend our pack with a tawny French boy. One year later, in 2001, Sartre Fauve de la Chaume du Bois Dieu found his way into our hearts and home.

In 2002 we wanted to try and breed our very first litter with Ycara under the name "des Nez Mouillés". We mated her to a beautiful male, but unfortunately no puppies were born.
we did not let this setback get our spirits down and one year later we decided to give it another chance. That time Ycara gave birth to 7 puppies, the father of which was Osferatu de la Chaume du Bois Dieu.

One little girl of that litter, Caresse, had conquered a special place in our hearts and stayed with us.

And this is how it all began. After Caresse, Fougasse, Gauguin and Havane joined our family. In 2009, our special little black girl, Ecume, came to complete our family.
In 2012
, after nearly 10 years of breeding, we were able to crossbreed two Nez Mouillés. Our very own special combination, out of which we kept a harmless little 'werewolf', Loupgarou. 

You can find out all about the rest of our story by sifting through our webpages.

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Marc, Nadine, Valerie & our furry gang.